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  • Publish date: 06/24/2014
  • Product release date: 06/24/2014
  • Product Version: 6.0.0
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DHX OPC Server Suite

DHX OPC Server Suite

OPC Server Suite for Allen-Bradley Networks and Devices. This all-in-one software suite includes Cyberlogic OPC server and all device drivers for Allen-Bradley networks, PLCs and interface cards. The OPC server that is part of this product has been certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation's Independent Testing Laboratory. See the Cyberlogic OPC Server for the certification details.


The DHX OPC Server Suite includes:

  • Cyberlogic OPC Server
  • Pre-programmed Math & Logic Triggers and Switches.
  • OPC server driver agent for Allen-Bradley networks.
  • OPC server driver agent for ControlLogix controllers.
  • DHX Driver for all popular Allen-Bradley and SST DH, DH+, DH-485 and ControlNet network adapters.
  • DHX Gateway Driver for remote access to all Allen-Bradley networks.
  • ControlLogix Gateway Driver for remote access to Allen-Bradley DH+ through DHRIO.
  • Ethernet DHX Driver for Allen-Bradley Ethernet communications.
  • Serial DHX Driver for DF-1 communications.
  • Virtual DHX Driver for enabling 16-bit legacy applications in 32-bit Windows.

Supported networks include:

  • A-B Data Highway
  • A-B Data Highway Plus
  • A-B ControlNet
  • A-B DH-485
  • A-B Ethernet
  • A-B EtherNet/IP
  • A-B DF1
  • ControlLogix Gateway
  • DHX Gateway for remote access

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Product certification history

Certified Profiles Data Access 2.05a
Data Access 3.0
Certificate Number 1102CE000A
Certification Date 03/03/2008
Expiration Date 02/28/2011
Product Name DHX OPC Server
Certified Product Version 6.0.0
Data Access 2.05a<br>Data Access 3.0