• Publish date: 04/04/2014
  • Product release date: 04/04/2014


R2’s EMOS® system is a unique, stand alone data acquisition, monitoring, safety, and optimization system that focuses on leveraging precise data for the early detection of unwanted events to achieve the highest level of safety while simultaneously reducing production and maintenance costs.
Electrolyser performance monitoring requires a system, such as EMOS®, that can understand the complex relationship between electrical and chemical parameters to provide early warning of potential problems and help avoid hazardous situations.
Management of electrolyser production and maintenance activities typically occurs on a fixed time-based schedule or in reaction to unwanted conditions. Only EMOS® offers true insight into the state of critical electrolyser components, ensuring that proactive management strategies can be implemented.
Optimization techniques developed by R2 using EMOS® data have been shown to provide reductions of up to 5% in energy consumption and 30% in maintenance costs.
Safety of the highest possible level for a plant can be achieved using EMOS®. The system has been designed to cover all known malfunctions of individual electrolyser cells. Specialized alarm algorithms, programmed into the EMOS® hardware can predict hazardous situations before they occur, preventing irreversible damage to equipment and personal injury by enabling an emergency shutdown of individual power supplies.
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