• Yokogawa Electric Corporation - Exaopc OPC interface package
  • Publish date: 02/25/2016
  • Product release date: 02/25/2016
Exaopc OPC interface package

Exaopc OPC interface package

The Exaopc OPC interface package complies with the OPC standards defined by the OPC Foundation. Exaopc works on the Windows platform and functions as a high performance and reliable OPC server for data access (DA), alarms & events (A&E), historical data access (HDA), and batch information, and also serves as a security interface for CENTUM series process control systems. Since its release in 1999, many licenses have been sold worldwide.
In response to the rising need to strengthen security in today’s marketplace, Exaopc comes with a number of enhanced security functions that our customers can select depending on their requirements.