• Yokogawa Electric Corporation - FAST/TOOLS SCADA Software
  • Publish date: 11/25/2019
  • Product release date: 11/25/2019


FAST/TOOLS has been developed with over 40 years of experience by combining our expertise in Supervisory
Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) with requirements from users and industry leaders. The FAST/TOOLS package
is a powerful, modern, flexible, distributed operations information and control software package. It implements a
Web-based supervisory control human machine interface, OPC server/client functions, data acquisition from a variety
of controllers and devices, alarm management and historical data management. Furthermore it is a leading system
package for operations control and information integration with business systems and is available on a wide range
of industry standard operating platforms. Many industries and utility companies with a need for data integration and
data integrity use FAST/TOOLS from Yokogawa in their applications. FAST/TOOLS is also successful in critical
applications due to its very reliable design, support of redundant and nonstop systems and its on-line configuration