• Triangle MicroWorks, Inc - IEC 61850 Test Suite

IEC 61850 Test Suite

The Test Suite can be used to test IEC 61850 interfaces for OPC Drivers and Protocol Translators:

  • Hammer – Creates a compliant IEC 61850 Client from any valid SCL file to test IEC 61850 interfaces on OPC Translator devices
  • Anvil – Creates a compliant IEC 61850 Server from any valid SCL file to test IEC 61850 interfaces on OPC Translator devices
  • SCL Forge – Intelligent editor for creating and editing Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files used to configure OPC Translator devices

Read, Write, GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reporting, Logging, Controls, Dynamic DataSets, SCL Verification, File Services, and a Detailed SCL Consistency Check are supported