• Beijing ITEI Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. - IMAC-OPCUA-SDK V1.0.2
  • Publish date: 07/24/2019
  • Product release date: 07/24/2019
  • Product Version: V1.0.2
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The IMAC-OPCUA-SDK is a Software Development Kit for OPC UA Nano Embedded Server. The SDK simplifies the UA stack APIs, implements common UA functionality needed in most or all UA applications, provides a C API and samples used to describe the available information from a vendor system and to provide access to the data for external systems in a standardized way.

To make the implementation of C based Nano OPC UA Servers, the SDK delivers the following benefits:

· An easy to use API and sample implementations that allows you to quickly integrate the server into your device.
· Provides UA stack platform layers and make files for Linux.
· Implemented by Ansi-C so its platform independent.
· There is no dependency on other libraries.
· A small code and data footprint.
· An extremely fast and efficient implementation.
· High robustness and reliability, it can be used in production system.

As toolkits cannot be certified directly, the certification process has been made using an application (SampleUAServer1) that comes with the IMAC-OPCUA-SDK and has been created using the SDK.

Product certification history

Certified Profiles Nano Embedded Device Server
Certificate Number 1907CC00BD
Certification Date 07/19/2019
Expiration Date 07/30/2022
CTT Version 1.03.341.389
User Identity Tokens User Token - User Name Password
Product Name SampleUaServer1
Certified Product Version V1.0.2
Product MD5 Hash D2B582AEDAF935AF54957749EF04008C
Nano Embedded Device Server