• ICONICS, Inc. - IoT Gateway Suite: Remote Cloud Monitoring and Analytics
  • Publish date: 11/08/2016
  • Product release date: 11/08/2016

IoT Gateway Suite: Remote Cloud Monitoring and Analytics

The IoT Gateway Suite provides manufacturers and facility managers with a flexible software platform to create IoT applications. ICONICS offers several key IoT technologies, including rich connectivity to things, secure cloud communications and built-in real-time visualization and analytics. With simple setup and configuration, users can easily create IoT solutions that meet their business needs. ICONICS’ IoT solution takes maximum advantage of the Azure cloud to provide global visibility, scalability and reliability. Connect to standard ICONICS apps in the cloud such as GENESIS64™, Hyper Historian™, AnalytiX® and more. Optionally integrate Microsoft Azure services such as Power BI and Machine Learning to provide greater depth of analysis.