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IPC Diagnostic

IPC Diagnostic

The control computer is a central element of the machine control system. Any downtime can result in considerable costs. The availability and life expectancy of the control computer are influenced by various parameters. To prevent failure and minimize downtime, it is important to detect critical conditions early on. These include impending heat collapse due to failure of a fan or insufficient passive cooling.

For the acquisition, analysis and evaluation of system data during operation, all newer Beckhoff IPCs therefore offer the option of sophisticated system diagnostics with standardized, safe access to existing hardware and software components.

The Beckhoff IPC diagnosis is only available for Beckhoff Industrial PCs and Embedded PCs.
It is pre-installed as standard and supplied with the operating system.


The values of the IPC diagnostics system can also be accessed via OPC UA. The IPC diagnostics facility comes with its own OPC UA server for data access.