• Publish date: 08/10/2015
  • Product release date: 08/10/2015
  • Product Version: 3.52
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KingOPCServer, launched by Wellintech, is the leading general used IO data communication platform in China. It inherits all the 4000+ drivers developed by Wellintech in the past 20 years, which can help the customers solve all the communication puzzles.

Data from the field device is the source of the monitoring system and data acquisition is the core of the monitoring system. The drivers that KingOPCServer supportes include PLCs, IO modules and so on, as well as standard protocols of Building, Power and other industries. It supports various communication modes including series port, Ethernet and GPRS, etc. which facilitate users’ data acquisition.

As the data acquisition unit of Wellintech series product, KingOPCServer can be data sources for KingSCADA, KingHistorian, and allow the third-party systems to access real-time data through API interface and OPC DA 3.0 at the same time. Engineers can flexibly deploy KingOPCServer according to project needs.

Product certification history

Certified Profiles Data Access 3.0 Server
Certificate Number 1508CS006C
Certification Date 08/06/2015
Expiration Date 07/31/2018
CTT Version DA3:
Product Name KingOPCServer
Certified Product Version 3.52
Data Access 3.0 Server