KingSCADA software is designed by WellinTech through a widely investigation from a huge number of customers and according to the trends of this Automation field development, it is a well-designed and new era of SCADA software. It broke the shackles of traditional concepts, creatively proposed the concept of the Model, which is an innovational change that makes a tremendous innovation from the traditional project-based development to a new systematic, modular development.

KingSCADA is middle and high-end market-oriented product. It possesses many remarkable characteristics including completed functions, integrated management, modular development, high stability and easy to learn and use, etc. Based on these, KingSCADA also provides abundant graphical development tools, stunning graphics elements and others which compose a facilitated developing environment. These will assist you to display the data through the consummate graphics. The modular architecture, break through the constraints of region and station scale, more flexible deployment, all these will highly enhance developer’s efficiency and make the system maintain much easier to the operators, so that it will reduce the cost and ensure overall system run safer and more stable. In addition, this product can make up an open data platform, integrate any control system, Remote Terminal System (RTU), database, historical database and other system together, it can provide a powerful guarantee to complete the construction enterprise information system.