• Publish date: 06/10/2021
  • Product release date: 06/10/2021
Matrikon Data Broker

Matrikon Data Broker

System Integrators (SIs), engineers, and IT professionals use Matrikon® Data Broker to easily set up, manage, and maintain OPC UA data connectivity to control automation systems throughout the shop-floor (edge).

Matrikon Data Broker establishes and manages data connectivity to your 3rd party control automation data sources regardless of whether the connections are across the shop-floor, throughout your enterprise, or to the cloud.

Matrikon Data Broker features and benefits include:

  • Secure nested network traversal: cross-firewall and DMZ communications without opening in-bound Ports on the OT firewall side
  • Multi-level data source federation (it combines your underlying data sources into a single, easy to manage access point)
  • Data source context preservation and enhancement ( OPC UA models are preserved at each network level)
  • Configurable single or bi-directional communications
  • Remote configuration (even across firewalls)
  • High scalability: works with a few items or millions of them
  • OPC UA compliant
  • Deployment:​
  • Seamless integration with
  •  Nested node context pass-through (Information Models)
  • and more…

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