• Matrikon - MatrikonOPC Server for Mark V & VI (GSM)

MatrikonOPC Server for Mark V & VI (GSM)

The OPC Server for GE Turbines from MatrikonOPC is a standard off-the-shelf software that provides secure and reliable integration with the GE Turbine Control System. With this OPC Server users can communicate to a variety of GE Turbine Controllers such as Mark V, Mark VI, Mark Vie, Mark V LM, Mark V B… etc.

This OPC Server communicates to the GE Speedtronic Mark V and Mark VI turbine controllers using the GE Drive System (GEDS) Standard Messages, commonly referred to as the GSM protocol. This provides a high performance bi-directional data transfer making it capable of transferring high tag volumes at sub-second update rates. It also integrates GE alarms and events (including SOE) for centralized supervision & effective trouble-shooting with accurate millisecond timestamp accuracy