• Publish date: 05/05/2014
  • Product release date: 05/05/2014
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MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

~~The Modbus OPC Server From MatrikonOPC provides secure and reliable real-time data access between all Modbus devices and any OPC-enabled applications such as Historians, HMIs, and SCADA …etc. This Modbus OPC Server securely communicates over Ethernet and/or Serial to many Modbus protocols such as:

  • Honeywell Modbus
  • Bently Nevada
  • Daniel Modbus
  • Enron Modbus
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus (using RS-232 Serial)
  • Modbus Plus using an SA-85 card
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus RTU (binary)

Unlike other Modbus to OPC interfaces, the OPC Server for Modbus can grant and deny access to tags based on user login. The Modbus OPC Server is a powerful tool that enables a secure access to your Control and Automation systems and opens new connectivity horizons to other parties and it is available at an unbeatable price.

Product certification history

Certified Profiles Data Access 2.05a
Data Access 3.0
Certificate Number 1503CS0061
Certification Date 03/05/2015
Expiration Date 03/31/2018
CTT Version DA 2.05a:; DA3:
Product Name MatrikionOPC Server for Modbus
Certified Product Version
Data Access 2.05a<br>Data Access 3.0
Certified Profiles Data Access 2.05a
Certificate Number 1212CE0002
Certification Date 01/01/2010
Expiration Date 12/31/2012
Product Name MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus Plus
Certified Product Version
Data Access 2.05a