• Matrikon - MatrikonOPC Server for RS3 RNI

MatrikonOPC Server for RS3 RNI

The OPC Server for Fisher-Rosemount (Emerson Process Control) RS3 uses the RNI (Rosemount Network Interface) to access RS3 process data as well as alarms and events. This server can be used for supervisory control and also for data acquisition and storage. Since the server also captures all operator actions and process events, it can be used by database applications to archive system alarms and events for later analysis.

Unlike other RS3 RNI interfaces, the OPC Server for RS3 RNI from MatrikonOPC does not require any additional proprietary hardware solutions to access your data. This OPC Server is the ONLY connectivity recommend by Emerson to connect to the RS3 system. This OPC Server guarantees access to all the data you need.