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OPC Crosslink Suite

OPC Crosslink Suite

OPC Data Bridge, OPC Data Concentrator and Redundant OPC Server Hub. OPC Crosslink Suite allows the user to pass data between any combination of OPC DA servers and PLCs. The OPC server that is part of this product has been certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation's Independent Testing Laboratory. See the Cyberlogic OPC Server for the certification details.


Supported Configurations:

  • Redundant OPC servers with an unlimited number of backup servers.
  • OPC data bridges that pass data from one OPC server to another, from one PLC to another, or between OPC servers and PLCs. The source and target systems may be any combination of OPC DA servers and PLCs, even from different vendors.
  • OPC data concentrators that obtain data from other OPC DA servers—regardless of brand or spec level—and present it to OPC clients. Because Cyberlogic’s OPC servers comply with OPC DA 3.0, 2.05a and 1.0a specifications, this concentrator configuration will solve spec level mismatches that may exist between some clients and servers.

The OPC Crosslink Suite includes:

  • Cyberlogic OPC Server.
  • OPC Crosslink.
  • Driver agent for OPC DA servers.
  • Pre-programmed Math & Logic Triggers and Switches.

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