• Kongsberg Maritime - OPC UA Client IO-driver
OPC UA Client IO-driver

OPC UA Client IO-driver

Our process control system provides you with robust and reliable solutions for the automation and safety for production of oil and gas in a modern context. Over many years, KONGSBERG has been involved in the evolution of process control solutions, and has been an active participant in utilizing the synergy of dynamic process simulators and control systems.

• Process and control applications
• Gas processing systems
• Power systems
• Utility and auxiliary systems
• Subsea control systems

Product details

Markets: Oil & Gas Category: Controller

Supported Profiles and Facets

Application Profiles:

  • UACore 1.04
    • Minimum UA Client Profile

Additional Facets:

  • UACore 1.04
    • Method Client Facet

Security Policies:

  • UACore 1.04
    • SecurityPolicy - Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
    • SecurityPolicy [A] - Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep
    • SecurityPolicy [B] – Basic256Sha256
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic256
    • SecurityPolicy – None

User Tokens:

  • UACore 1.04
    • User Token – Anonymous Client Facet
    • User Token – Anonymous Facet
    • User Token – User Name Password Client Facet
    • User Token – X509 Certificate Client Facet

Companion Facets:

  • MDIS 1.x
    • Method Client Facet

Supported Conformance Units

  • UACore 1.04
    • Data Access Client Basic

Information Models

  • MDIS 1.x

Product certification history

Certified Profiles Minimum UA Client Profile
Certificate Number 2205CE00EF
Certification Date 05/13/2022
Expiration Date 05/31/2025
CTT Version 1.03.341.398
Additional Facets Method Client Facet
Security Policies SecurityPolicy – None,
SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15,
SecurityPolicy – Basic256,
SecurityPolicy [B] – Basic256Sha256,
SecurityPolicy [A] - Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep,
SecurityPolicy - Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
User Identity Tokens User Token – Anonymous Client Facet,
User Token – Anonymous Facet,
User Token – User Name Password Client Facet,
User Token – X509 Certificate Client Facet
Companion Facets MDIS Base Client Facet,
MDIS Valve Model Client Facet,
MDIS Instrument Model Client Facet,
MDIS Discrete Model Client Facet,
MDIS Digital Model Client Facet,
MDIS Choke Model Client Facet
Product Name OpcUaClient
Certified Product Version
Product MD5 Hash a193f2dca83d5db60e21fd41ec545acc
Minimum UA Client Profile