OPCFailover is a simple and effective way of increasing the availability of all of your OPC data to your business benefiting OPC Client applications in turn adding value to your business.

Key Features:

  • Works with all OPC Server types and versions from any vendor.
  • A totally passive solution, unlike traditional OPC Redundancy proxy solutions; your OPC Client applications are connected directly to a real OPC Server.
  • Unlike traditional OPC Redundancy proxy solutions, OPCFailover does not introduce a new, local single point of failure. You can even uninstall or upgrade OPCFailover and not impact the running OPC Clients.
  • Can have as many failover OPC Servers as you want.
  • Can be used by as many OPC Client applications on a node as you want.

User Testimonial:

"OPCFailover is perfect. We tried other products and spent countless hours trying to get other solutions to work. Thankfully we found OPCFailover and gave it a try".

"At first I wasn’t sure it was setup right since it was easy to configure and was just working without any special settings or tweaks. After spending so much time with other solutions and endless frustration it cannot be expressed enough how glad we were to find this product".

"We have successfully put it through failover tests and have not had a single issue and the lightweight footprint on the servers is great".

Ryan Fitzek, Graphic Packaging – West Monroe, USA.