OPCNetView is a simple and effective diagnostic tool which provides an instant view of OPC connectivity at a node. Using OPCNetView can significantly reduce the time needed to resolve problems and so keep your vital applications running.


Key features:

  • Works with all OPC Servers, regardless of the vendor.
  • Quick and simple to install – only needs to be installed on one node to enable viewing of OPC connectivity at any node in the domain.
  • Provides detailed information about remotely connected OPC processes but only if you choose to query the remote node so that you remain in complete control.
  • OPCNetView is totally passive – no packet sniffing, message interception or proxying takes place. OPC processes are totally unaware of the existence of OPCNetView and are untouched by it.


OPCNetView helps you, the System Adminstrator, to answer such questions as:

  • Which OPC Clients are remotely connected to my OPC Server?
  • Which nodes are those OPC Clients running on? Which user accounts are they running under?
  • How many Windows network connections are there currently between my OPC processes?
  • Which OPC Server is my OPC Client really remotely connected to?