• Azbil Corporation - Organized Control Module II

Organized Control Module II

OrCMII is the control execution environment of PC base.
It has much algorithm required for control, and control is built in a modular ombination.
It is possible to adopt CL (Control Language) as a programming language, and to describe a sequence.Product Features


(1) Supervisory control which plural DCS system.

(2) Supervisory control independent of a DCS model.

(3) The interface between APC and DCS.

(4) Renewal of supervisory control of a process computer base system.

The control input and output for control of OrCM� are the OPC client.

The connectable maximum number is the OPC server of 10 systems.

OrCMII self is an OPCServer

It is possible to offer API (Application Program Interface) and to provide

user creation application with data.It also has the graphic interface for surveillance.

Moreover, a faceplate is offered by ActiveX and data is offered on VB Excel.