• Yokogawa Electric Corporation - Paperless recorder GX/GP OPC-UA server
  • Publish date: 03/14/2016
  • Product release date: 03/14/2016
Paperless recorder GX/GP OPC-UA server

Paperless recorder GX/GP OPC-UA server

Recorders are used on production lines and at product development facilities in a variety of industries to acquire, display, and record data on temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, pressure, and other variables.
Yokogawa offers a wide range of such products, and is one of the world’s top manufacturers of recorders. Since releasing the SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control system in 2012, Yokogawa has continued to strengthen it with the release of a variety of recorders and data acquisition devices that meet specific market needs and comply with industry-specific requirements and standards.
Release 3 includes a server option that complies with the OPC-UA communication standard necessary for Industry 4.0 automation. This enables measurement data stored on general-purpose data servers to be accessed directly by SCADA systems and HMIs. With this option, the GX/GP series paperless recorders can function as subsystems for the transfer of data from field sensors and measuring instruments to upper level systems.