• Rensen Information Services Ltd - Dataristix
  • Publish date: 06/13/2021
  • Product release date: 06/13/2021
  • Product Version: 1.1
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Dataristix™ is a suite of software modules connecting on-premise data sources and data sinks in real-time, from the factory floor to any business level.

Available modules include Connectors for OPC UA, ODBC (SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and others), MQTT, REST, Excel, CSV, E-Mail, SOAP/SAP, Power BI, Stream/JSON and InfluxDB.

Use the graphical Task Builder to easily define the data flow from and to Connectors and optionally control or shape the data flow through Processors.

Product details

Category: Data Logger

Supported Profiles and Facets

Application Profiles:

  • UACore 1.04
    • Minimum UA Client Profile

Additional Facets:

  • UACore 1.04
    • DataAccess Client Facet
    • DataChange Subscriber Client Facet

Security Policies:

  • UACore 1.04
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic256
    • SecurityPolicy – None

User Tokens:

  • UACore 1.04
    • User Token – Anonymous Facet
    • User Token – User Name Password Client Facet