Monitoring and management of industrial networks around the clock

The SINEMA SERVER software was specifically developed for industrial applications. It provides the option of representing networks completely and monitoring them. Using SNMP and simultaneous diagnostics via SIMATIC and PROFINET mechanisms, many aspects of plant diagnostics can be reproduced in only one tool. The acquired data is stored in a long-term archive and can be evaluated and displayed as necessary. The specified network diagnostics can also be integrated seamlessly in HMI/SCADA systems (e.g. WinCC, PCS7) using OPC UA and Web mechanisms.

Key Features:

Inventory – Inter-project and plant-wide representation of all components and ports

Topology – Current representation of all neighborhood relationships in the network

Monitoring – All-round analysis of diagnostics statuses of all components

Diagnostic – Inter-project/plant-wide representation of the detected diagnostics statuses

Reporting – Traceability of events Display of developments

Validation – Repeatable checking and documentation of relevant network properties

Propagation – Seamless integration in HMI/SCADA systems

Management – Reduction of the time needed to update firmware/change configurations