• Azbil Corporation - The Advanced-PS (APS5000) System OPC DA Server

The Advanced-PS (APS5000) System OPC DA Server

The Advanced-PS (APS5000) system is Yamatake's latest open automation platform. The plant automation system ensures progressive evolution from legacy control systems, protects automation investments, delivers added power and enhances the security and flexibility of manufacturing and other industrial operations. Advanced-PS supports process simulation and advanced control technologies from selected suppliers, and enables the sharing of valuable plant information across the whole corporation.

Highly reliable system, having duplex structures at all stages; flexible upgrades via optional function blocks

Multi-layered control hierarchy optimizes accessibility and reliability, ensuring an effective and economical method for every control action

Common history data warehouse assures customized reporting by individual operating units in the organization

Information management allows merging of process data with other fields of finance, inventory management,
shipment and infotech departments