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TOSDIC-CIE DS OPC DA2.0 Support Software

Toshiba integrated control system "TOSDIC-CIE DS" is a integrated control system with the new concept to meet the open technology age. An easy-to-use open system is realized by adopting the standard multi-vendor network and the package software of simple engineering.

The TOSDIC-CIE DS system is constructed by using the server station SVR-DS, the operator interface station OIS-DS and nv controlles, and Ethernet

control LAN as the network to connect these stations, especially wiring of nv controlles and process I/O sub systems, connections OIS-DS main unit and peripheral devices, two redundant SVR-DS stations.

TOSDIC-CIE DS consists of human-machine interfaces (OIS-DS), server stations (SVR-DS), The OPC provides a framework which takes into account expandability to implement a function of accessing process data in real time. The OPC allows the application to access data without being aware of the process data format.

This supports OPC DA2.0 interface.