uDDx Suite

uDDx Suite

Utthunga’s DTM-supported Device Data Exchange (uDDx) suite is integrated with IAMS communication channels. This helps transfer bundles of normalized data between the plant floor and OPC UA clients. Compatible with various IAMS applications, the uDDx application converts non-standardized parameters from different devices into a uniform standard. This helps seamless information exchange between the field devices and various cloud applications.

By standardizing data across numerous OEM devices, uDDx application empowers end industries to harness the power of cloud technologies. Thus, standardization and consolidation of scattered data offer much-needed remote operation capabilities of field devices and facilitate virtual data processing, analysis, diagnostics, and maintenance.

Product details

  • Energy and Power
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Metals & Mining
  • Oil & Gas
Category: Data Integration

Supported Profiles and Facets

Application Profiles:

  • UACore 1.04
    • Standard 2017 UA Server Profile

Security Policies:

  • UACore 1.04
    • SecurityPolicy [B] – Basic256Sha256
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic128Rsa15
    • SecurityPolicy – Basic256

User Tokens:

  • UACore 1.04
    • User Token – Anonymous Facet
    • User Token – User Name Password Server Facet