• Schneider Electric - Wonderware Automation Direct KOYO OI Server
Wonderware Automation Direct KOYO OI Server

Wonderware Automation Direct KOYO OI Server

Supports any device that is compatible with AutomationDirect’s DirectNet protocol.

DirectLOGIC DL05 and DL06 PLCs, with H0-ECOM or H0-ECOM100 Ethernet module

DirectLOGIC DL205 Family (DL240/DL250-1 and DL260 CPUs), with H2-ECOM or H2-ECOM100 Ethernet module

The Wonderware Supervisory KOYO Operations Integration (OI) Server is a Microsoft Windows application that allows client applications direct and indirect access to the controllers.

The KOYO OI Server exposes the data to sources using DDE, SuiteLink, or OPC DA connectivity.

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OI Core Technology

The Wonderware OI Gateway is built on the next generation architecture that leverages the ArchestrA OI Core Technology.  The new OI Core technology allows:

  1. Increased throughput – Parallel independent processing of I/O by each individual driver instance results in my higher overall throughput per driver and per node.
  2. Increased scalability – Eliminate the limitations of a single driver in a single node. You can run multiple completely independent instances of the same driver in a single node.
  3. Eliminate single points of failure – By running multiple instances of the same node any potential problems that may affect one driver instance are isolated to just that instance.
  4. Maximize communication uptime – Reduce impact of configuration changes that require driver restarts to a single instance thus allowing other drivers to continue to run unaffected.
  5. Multi-Version Support – multiple OI Server versions on a single node.  Keep the old while adding new without having to change existing versions thus allowing continued growth without disruptions.
  6. Coexistence – Co-exist with legacy DAServers or DI Objects on a single node.  Single node side-by-side upgrades allows continuing to run the previous driver version while adding a new version of the same driver protocol.

Commercial Offering / Licensing

Wonderware OI Servers are design to work stand-alone!  They are typically packaged as part of Wonderware offerings, but you can also purchase OI Servers for your customer implementation if you need a direct server to interface with your application.  Wonderware software is sold through the Wonderware distributors.  See the link above to contact your local distributor.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Any or our wonderware OI Servers can be configured to be part of an IIoT strategy.  The OI Servers can be connected to the cloud or can operate as edge devices in geographically distributed applications.  Reference the OI Gateway for more information.