• Schneider Electric - Wonderware OI Gateway (OPC DA /OPC UA Clients)
Wonderware OI Gateway (OPC DA /OPC UA Clients)

Wonderware OI Gateway (OPC DA /OPC UA Clients)

Formerly known as FSGateway, the Wonderware Operations Integration Supervisory Gateway (referred to as OI Gateway), acts as a communications protocol converter. The OI Gateway can be used to link clients and data sources that communicate using different protocols.  The OI Gateway serves a bridge between a source and a destination that support the following protocols:

• Source/Destination
   o DDE
   o SuiteLink
   o OPC DA
• Source/Destination
   o DDE
   o SuiteLink
   o OPC DA
   o OPC UA Client
   o ArchestrA (MX)
   o InTouch
   o MQTT


Wonderware InTouch, communicates to the OI Gateway using DDE or SuiteLink.  The OI Gateway, using the OPC UA Client, in turn connects to a Bosch Rexroth controller acting as an OPC UA Server

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   o Find a Wonderware Distributor Link

OI Core Technology

The Wonderware OI Gateway is built on the next generation architecture that leverages the ArchestrA OI Core Technology.  The new OI Core technology allows:

  1. Increased throughput – Parallel independent processing of I/O by each individual driver instance results in my higher overall throughput per driver and per node.
  2. Increased scalability – Eliminate the limitations of a single driver in a single node. You can run multiple completely independent instances of the same driver in a single node.
  3. Eliminate single points of failure – By running multiple instances of the same node any potential problems that may affect one driver instance are isolated to just that instance.
  4. Maximize communication uptime – Reduce impact of configuration changes that require driver restarts to a single instance thus allowing other drivers to continue to run unaffected.
  5. Multi-Version Support – multiple OI Server versions on a single node.  Keep the old while adding new without having to change existing versions thus allowing continued growth without disruptions.
  6. Coexistence – Co-exist with legacy DAServers or DI Objects on a single node.  Single node side-by-side upgrades allows continuing to run the previous driver version while adding a new version of the same driver protocol.

Commercial Offering / Licensing

Wonderware OI Servers are design to work stand-alone!  They are typically packaged as part of Wonderware offerings, but you can also purchase OI Servers for your customer implementation if you need a direct server to interface with your application.  Wonderware software is sold through the Wonderware distributors.  See the link above to contact your local distributor.