Common Analytical System Integration


Develop an OPC UA Information Model for a Common Analytical Instrument System Integration (Abbreviation “CAISI”). It will allow integrating analytical instrument systems into analytical data systems (e.g., Chromatography data systems, aka CDS) to execute analytical runs.
Main purpose is being able
• to compose analytical physical devices/instruments (so-called Physical Instrument Controllers, aka “PIC”)
• into a logical analytical instrument system (so-called Logical Instrument Controllers, aka “LIC”)
• and exposing analytical instrument information to OPC UA applications, for example for integration purposes into analytical data systems (e.g. chromatography data systems, aka “CDS”).
The working group will initially focus on Liquid Chromatography (LC), Gas Chromatography (GC), and associated detectors including single quad mass spectrometer (MS).
The Analytical System Integration WG will collaborate with the “Laboratory and Analytical Devices (LADS) Joint Working Group” to provide a common model for the instrument device level (called Physical Instrument Controller (PICs).

Working Group Type Internal Status:       Active
Classification(s) Device Types
Chair(s) Heiko Fessenmayr
Collaboration Site