Unified Architecture Core - UA MQTT subgroup


The MQTT sub-group is part of the OPC Foundation OPC UA working group and will discuss uses cases for integration of OPC UA with MQTT and to propose potential extensions for the OPC UA specifications. It is a special purpose subgroup to attract MQTT experts and participants who work in edge and cloud computing areas to focus on discussion for these use cases.

Scope: The MQTT sub-group will discuss uses cases for OPC UA in edge and cloud messaging environments using MQTT.

Non-exclusive examples for work items are:

  • Header layouts for JSON encoded messages
  • Enhancements for JSON message formats and headers
  • PubSub actions for MQTT
  • MQTT topic tree
  • Use of MQTT headers vs. JSON message headers
  • Requirements for Security
Working Group Type Internal Status:       Active
Classification(s) Core UA Topics
Chair(s) Frank VolkmannMatthias Damm
Collaboration Site https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3afb3bc5c131a44de3aef13f218c819ab3%40thread.tacv2/sg.MQTT?groupId=f5cb0909-dc77-4fec-a2a4-f252cdce9388&tenantId=2d8ef4e4-d41c-489c-8004-bb99304b60fe