The OPAF-FLC AML Working Group is an initiative of the Open Process Automation™ Forum (OPAF) and the OPC UA Field Level Communications (FLC).
The purpose of this group is to develop a set of recommendations for the UAFX and OPAS standards related to AutomationML (AML) and how it is used for offline Engineering. Both standards have an existing AML Model and these models should be unified as much as is reasonable.
The scope of the OPAF – FLC AML Working Group is to:

  • Review the existing UAFX and OPAS specifications generally with a goal to recommend proposed convergence so that the two standards share concepts and models which they have in common related to AML representation of OPC UA information.
  • Specifically review the UAFX Part 83 specification and how its representation of a descriptor can be reconciled with the OPAS Part 6.x AML representation of information models.
  • Specifically investigate and recommend how the UAFX and O-PAS can make use of a standardized set of AML class, from which the model specific construct can be built..
  • Extend the UAFX descriptor concept to ensure that O-PAS AML files and / OR UAFX AML file would only contain extenstion and that common items would be represented in the same manner. Each standard may want to include additional information in an AML representation, but the additional information would not block the other standard.
Working Group Type Internal Status:       Active
Classification(s) Oil and Gas, Mining, Process Automation
Chair(s) David Board
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