The working group develops an OPC UA Information Model by mapping the IEC61850/IEC61400-25 information model to support data exchange use cases for the monitoring and control of wind power plants.
Significant work on establishing standards in the wind power plant domain has already been done within IEC 61400-25. IEC 61400-25 is an extension of the IEC61850. It adds the semantics (Logical Nodes classes) that are specific for the wind power plant domain.
There is an OPC UA companion specification for an IEC61850 mapping (OPC 10040 IEC 61850 – Electrical Substation Automation) and there is a draft for an IEC61400-25 mapping that has been developed by the IEC61400-25 user group (USE61400-25). This working group will evaluate and harmonize the aforementioned mappings and adapt/extend them if this is required for the purpose of producing a usable information model to support operations of various energy resources using OPC UA.

Working Group Type Joint Status:       Active
Partner Organisation(s) USE61400-25, OPC Foundation
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Classification(s) Energy Automation
Chair(s) Bertram LangeEspen Krogh
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