Web-of-Things Connectivity


Define how to configure the OPC UA Information Model that exposes the underlying devices described by WoT Thing Descriptions via an OPC UA Server that acts as a protocol mapping and data model mapping service from non-OPC UA asset interfaces to OPC UA.
This service is often run on Industrial Edge gateways. It accesses non-OPC UA assets (like Modbus assets or assets with a proprietary interface) and maps the asset’s data model into an OPC UA server address space.
The schema for the mapping to OPC UA will be provided by W3C Web of Things standard in Thing Description JSON-LD format, which will potentially be extended to cover all required protocol bindings (see https://www.w3.org/TR/wot-binding-templates/#binding-overview).

Working Group Type Internal Status:       Active
Classification(s) Cloud Computing
Chair(s) Erich Barnstedt
Marketing URL https://opcfoundation.org/markets-collaboration/