Vending, Office Coffee Service & Automated Retail


An OPC UA Information Model for the communication between a vending machine and its peripherals and the company’s information systems. Vending machine must be understood as a self-service machine that dispenses food (including drinks such as coffee) and non-food products using different dispensing technologies.
The goal of the working group is to develop a new specification to overcome the limitation of the current protocols (e.g. MDB, Executive, BDV, etc.) that will harmonize the communication and the exchange of data between machines designed to dispense a product (e.g. vending machine, professional hot drinks machine, smart fridge), its peripherals (payment system, telemetry, age verification, touch screen) and the back office on premises or cloud IT systems (ERP, etc.).
A list of high-level requirements and aims for new harmonized specifications are as follows:

  • Online/Offline payment including mobile
  • Diagnostics/Status
  • Update/Firmware capability
  • Multimedia & product information, such as advertising, planogram, user interface, prices, etc. This can refer to the product nutritional or allergen information, pictures etc.
  • Power/Energy
  • Universal master/slave machine possibility
  • Data security and encryption, including ability to comply with fiscal requirements (communication towards a secure fiscal memory, either offline and/or online)
  • Simplicity of integration
  • Open for new functionalities
Working Group Type Joint Status:       Active
Partner Organisation(s) European Vending & Coffee Service Association
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Classification(s) Consumer Industries
Chair(s) Alessandro RattiWolfgang Mahnke