Develop an OPC UA Information Model for the integration of Electrolyzers into Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Process Control Systems (PCS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), or any other third-party tools relevant in the Hydrogen-near industry. The intention is to reduce the integration efforts of the Electrolyzers into the aforementioned systems to almost zero through manufacturer-independent standardization and use of Module Type Package (MTP). Therefore, the Hydrogen Electrolyzers companion specification shall achieve coexistence/compatibility with the MTP VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 guidelines.
The standard will cover all Electrolyzer technologies like Alkaline, AEM, PEM or SOEC and allows the combination of technologies within one Hydrogen System Project.
It will not cover other Hydrogen related components such as water treatment, dryer, compressor, storage, fuel cells or refueling stations. It is intended to have separate standards and WGs for these components with similar focus . However, The Hydrogen Electrolyzers model will provide Hydrogen related base types that all other components and hydrogen related companion specifications should use.

Working Group Type Joint Status:       Proposed
Partner Organisation(s) VDMA, OPC Foundation
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Classification(s) Energy Automation