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The Value Proposition for Open Standards in a Complicated Economy!

In this economy the importance of open standards cannot be underestimated.   It is difficult to develop open standards with a volunteer staff from competitors attempting to work together,  when the individual companies are really watching their expenses,  and cannot afford to dedicate resources.   Companies are very hesitant to dedicate resources to standards that they fear will only be academic in nature, where academic is defined to be a wonderful research project that vendors will not deploy real products or services anytime in the near future.

The OPC Foundation participated in a global meeting of other standards development organizations hosted by NIST in the Washington DC area.   The significance of the government playing a leading role in making sure that standards are being developed to allow best-of-breed information modeling and information exchange between the smart grid and other alternate energy opportunities as part of overall government mandate with significant money flowing to fund the development of his efforts shall play a significant role in standards being successfully adopted and deployed into real products and solutions.

It’s even more important that we take the opportunity to look at existing standards and make the best fit effort to provide an infrastructure that allows interoperability between various domains.  The OPC Foundation has been actively working in the building automation arena through its vendors actually developing OPC clients and servers that allow information integration between industrial automation and building automation.    There is a significant opportunity that the OPC Foundation has embarked on that further allows even tighter integration between the various domains.    This is the OPC Unified Architecture which allows information modeling of applications and devices to be discovered and transported via data acquisition type services to other applications.

Many companies are looking at open standards as a mechanism in this economy to actually lower their development costs,  and to be able to increase market share by having products and offerings that interoperate with their competition.    Many of our big companies take the opportunity to use open standards to get their foot in the door into customers that use their competitor’s product,  and can do so because the customer is not require to completely overhaul their plant to use their products when products are designed based on open standards for interoperability.

OPC has been very successful in industrial automation and has achieved a great deal of interoperability as a de facto standard over the last 15 years. There seems to be a great opportunity  in building automation to more tightly integrate data and information integration between industrial automation and building automation.   Customers leveraging building automation products in the commercial arena and in industrial automation truly want to have information flow to make the best use of their assets in this strain global economy.

It is very important that the end-users work with offenders and motivate them to leverage truly successful nonacademic open standards like OPC to allow the end-users to pick and choose products that truly are best of breed and that can be deployed in a multivendor multiplatform secure reliable interoperable fashion.   OPC is a significant player in the arena of interoperability,   and is actively partnering with many other standards bodies in a collaborative fashion to provide a service-oriented architecture allowing the information models from the other consortiums to be tightly integrated into the complex systems of today and tomorrow.

For more detailed information about the OPC Foundation please refer to the OPC Foundation website at

The OPC Unified architecture has been deliberately designed for the highest degree of scalability allowing interoperability to truly be leveraged in both embedded devices and the opportunity to move data information from these embedded devices all the way through to the enterprise.

OPC Foundation 2015 Announcements and Member Opportunities

Happy New Year from the OPC Foundation!

2015 promises to be an exciting year for the OPC Foundation Community.

OPC 2015 News Flash!

OPC Board of Director Announcements

The OPC Foundation Board of Directors is at full strength with the December 2014 election of new board members Matthias Damm and Stefan Hoppe and the re-election of board member Russ Agrusa, for the 2015-2016 term.  We’re delighted to welcome Matthias and Stefan and to welcome back Russ to the OPC board. Each has been instrumental in shaping the development of OPC over many years and we look forward to their continuing support and guidance in the work of the OPC Foundation.   They bring many years of leadership and experience to their roles as board members.

OPC Global Vice President

I’m pleased to announce that Stefan Hoppe has joined the OPC Foundation as Global Vice President.  In this role he will be responsible from an international perspective to take OPC to the next level on both a technical and marketing perspective.   He has been the President of the OPC Europe organization for the last three years and has personally choreographed many successful events throughout Europe, in addition to being the catalyst for initiating liaisons with other industrial consortiums that has resulted in OPC working groups developing companion specifications for the organizations respective information models.

Key areas of focus will be the continuation of OPC’s successful adoption in the embedded marketplace with the OPC UA technology, as well as expanding the reach of OPC beyond industrial automation into numerous other domains inclusive of building automation and anything energy-related.

Mr. Hoppe will continue keeping OPC actively engaged in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things and this will be the key strategy for interoperability providing best-of-breed multivendor interoperability.

OPC Marketing Opportunities

As a member of the OPC Foundation you have the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of OPC Foundation Sanctioned initiatives.

Highlights of 2015 North America opportunities include OPC Foundation North America OPC UA Technology Roadshows “IT Meets Automation” and an OPC Foundation Booth for PackExpo 2015 (Las Vegas).

Highlights of the 2015 Europe events and opportunities include OPC Day Europe 2015 – IT meets Automation

hosted by Microsoft, Paris, France(May 19th– 20th, 2015),  several local OPC Day Events, and OPC Foundation Booths at the major tradeshows throughout Europe.

Complete details about this opportunity may be found at:

Opportunity to participate in these events is on a first-come first-serve basis. Don’t miss out on these platinum opportunities to increase awareness about your company and your company’s products and services by participating in the above OPC Foundation opportunities and events.

OPC Foundation Technology & Vision

industry 4.0 and the Internet of things

We will be creating a dream team that will be announced very soon to help all of our members in the OPC Foundation successfully bring products and services to market that embrace both Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things(IoT).  OPC UA is already the standard for moving data and information from the embedded world all the way through the enterprise.

OPC collaboration

There are many unique opportunities for your company to participate in the OPC community with the many active collaborations that are expanding the reach of OPC beyond industrial automation.   We also are enhancing the OPC UA technology that will be completely backward-compatible with all previous versions of the OPC UA technology.  I’m very excited about all the active collaborations we have that will expand the interoperability.

Please feel free to contact Stefan or myself with any questions you may have.

Thomas J. Burke

OPC Foundation President & Executive Director

Stefan Hoppe

OPC Foundation Global Vice President