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OPC Classic Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Title: OPC Classic Compliance Test Tool (CTT) Description:

A single test tool that can be used for testing OPC Classic Servers.


This download includes:


  • Installers for the test tool and plugins for DA, HDA, A&E, and XML-DA.
  • Product documentation

The UA Compliance Test Tool is exclusively for active OPC Foundation Corporate Members only and cannot be redistributed outside of the members' organization.


License: OPC Compliance Test Tool Agreement of Use


OPC Foundation membership fees are used by the OPC Foundation for the continuous improvement of this application, which includes bug-fixes and adding new features as required by the continuous advancement of the OPC Specifications.


Found a bug? Please report any bugs to our Mantis system. Click the "Tracking" tab for a list of current work items. We welcome your bug-fixes and kindly ask you to submit them via Mantis.


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Activities including bug-fixes and feature requests as reported in our Mantis bug-tracking system as described here.



Access: Corporate Member
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