OPC 10020 Analyzer Devices


This specification defines an object model that describes analysers separated into a definition of AnalyserDevice, AnalyserChannel, Stream, Accessory and AccessorySlot.
In general terms AnalyserDevice represents the instrument as a whole. Each AnalyserDevice has at least one AnalyserChannel and may have AccessorySlots through which an Accessory can be connected. Similarly, each AnalyserChannel may have AccessorySlots through which Accessories can be connected. Data acquisition occurs through the AnalyserChannel or through the Accessory connected to that AnalyserChannel. Accessories can only be connected through the AccessorySlots.

See also UA for Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard (LADS) which defines a device agnostic information model for analytical and laboratory instruments.

Working Group Analyzer Devices - ADI
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