OPC 30010 AutoID Devices


Defines an Information Model to represent and access AutoID Devices, i.e. Identification devices executing a scan, read or write process. Such AutoID Devices are RFID Readers, barcode scanners or RTLS infrastructure.
AutoID (Automatic Identification) technologies use mainly barcodes, OCR, 2D codes, RFID and NFC in order to identify all sorts of objects in all industry sectors and in logistics: articles in the super market, parts and modules in the production line, (returnable) transport items (RTI), vehicles and so forth.

Working Group Automatic Identification Devices - AutoID
Document Type Specification
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Issue Tracking Mantis Project - OPC 30010
Access Level Registered
Namespace http://opcfoundation.org/UA/AutoID/
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Release 2021-07-30
Topics: Fixed the URL in Annex A for NodeSet and NodeIds
Version Status Date
Deprecated 2020-01-26
Topics: - Added a number of new components to existing ObjectTypes - Improved descriptions.
Deprecated 2016-01-18