OPC 40001-1 Machinery Basic Building Blocks


Defines various building blocks for Machinery that allow to address use cases across different types of machines and components of machines defined in various companion specifications.
Contains building blocks for
– Machine Identification and Nameplate
– Finding all Machines in a Server
– Component Identification and Nameplate
– Finding all identifiable Components of a Machine
– MachineryItemState
– MachineryOperationMode
– Operation Counter
– Lifetime Counter

Working Group Machinery Building Blocks
Document Type Specification
Editor(s) Wolfgang Mahnke
License Specifications
Issue Tracking Mantis Project - OPC 40001-1
Access Level Registered
Namespace http://opcfoundation.org/UA/Machinery/
Version Status Date
Release 2023-06-08
Topics: Added Use Case “Preventive Maintenance” and Building Blocks “Operation Counter” and “Lifetime Counter”.
Release 2022-03-15
Topics: Includes new building blocks for "Machinery Item State" and "Machinery Operation Mode" to address the Use-Case Machine Monitoring.