Machine Vision - Control, Configuration management, recipe management, result management

OPC 40100-1 Machine Vision - Control, Configuration management, recipe management, result management


This specification creates an information model for machine vision systems. A machine vision system is a smart camera, vision sensor or any other component that has the capability to extract information by digital images or videos for the shop floor or other industrial markets. Digital images or videos represent data in a general sense, comprising multiple spatial dimensions (e.g. 1D scanner lines, 2D camera images, 3D point clouds, image sequences, etc.) acquired by any kind of imaging technique (e.g. visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, radar, ultrasonic, virtual imaging etc.).

The specification aims at integration of machine vision systems into production control and IT systems. It complements or substitutes existing interfaces and adds horizontal and vertical integration abilities to communicate relevant data to other authorized process participants, e.g. right up to the IT enterprise level. Therefore, the OPC UA Vision interface exchanges information between a machine vision system and another machine vision system, a machine PLC, a line PLC, or any software system at the control device level accessing the machine vision system.

OPC 40100-1 – Machine Vision Part 1: Control, configuration management, recipe management, result management.

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