OPC 40010-1 Robotics - Vertical Integration


The OPC UA Robotics Companion Specification is split up into several parts from part 1 to part n. Part 1 includes a basic description of a motion device system The Robotics specification describes an OPC UA information model which aims to cover all current and future robotic systems such as:
– Industrial robots
– Mobile robots
– Several control units
– Peripheral devices, which do not have their own OPC UA server

Part 1 provides information for asset management and condition monitoring. It covers the provision of asset configuration and runtime data of a running motion device system and its components e.g. manipulators, axes, motors, controllers and software.

Working Group Robotics
Document Type Specification
Editor(s) Bernd Fiebiger
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Namespace http://opcfoundation.org/UA/Robotics/
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Release 2019-05-13