OPC 30040 AutomationML


The AutomationML data format, developed by AutomationML e.V., standardised in IEC 62714, is an open, neutral, XML-based, and free data exchange format which enables a domain and company spanning transfer of engineering data of production systems in a heterogeneous engineering tool landscape. The goal of AutomationML is to interconnect engineering tools in their different disciplines, e.g. plant planning, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, process control engineering, HMI development, PLC programming, robot programming.

The information model described in this companion standard allows to communicate and operationalise AutomationML by means of OPC UA.

Two nodeset files accompany this specification and are included within the download package and also here:
– Opc.Ua.AMLBaseTypes.NodeSet2.xml
– AMLLibs/Opc.Ua.AMLLibraries.NodeSet2.xml

Two examples files that are based on examples within the specification are also provided within the download package, or here:
– Topology.xml
– Topology.aml

Working Group AutomationML model
Document Type Specification
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Release 2016-02-22