OPC 10031-4 ISA-95-4 Job Control


ISA 95 defines a Job Order as a request for a unit of work to be executed. Typically, these are the lowest level scheduled objects in a work schedule. 10031-4 defines a model for ISA-95 Job Orders, ISA-95 Job Responses, and access to queued, executing, and completed job order status and responses.

Working Group ISA-S95
Document Type Specification
License Specifications
Issue Tracking Mantis Project - OPC 10031-4
Access Level Registered
Namespace http://opcfoundation.org/UA/ISA95-JOBCONTROL
Version Status Date
Release 2024-02-02
Topics: Multiple feature requests led to breaking changes; therefore the major version had to be increased (not compatible to the previous version)
A summary of the changes:
- Usage of EUInformation for engineering units instead of strings
- Usage of LocalizedText for descriptive text to support multiple languages
- Usage of a StateMachine instead of an Enumeration allowing extensibility using substates
- Usage of multiple methods instead of one parametrizable method for commands (start, stop, etc.)
- Additional options for retrieving results
- Add Variable JobOrderResponseList
- Add Eventing Mechanism
Release 2021-05-12