OPC 30100 Sercos Devices


This specification has been created by Sercos International as part of the machinery initiative, which was started between the OPC Foundation, Sercos International and the ODVA in order to facilitate the integration of machinery with the production domain.

In today’s automation systems Sercos devices from many different manufacturers have to be integrated, resulting in effort for installation, version management and device operation. This challenge can be faced best with an open and standardized Sercos device model and well-defined profiles for different device types and the functionality they provide in machining systems and automation applications.

This specification is an extension of the OPC UA Devices specification and defines the information model to represent and access Sercos devices that are part of high-performance machines and other automation applications.

– Fundamentals and conventions
– Information model details
– Response code mappings

Working Group SERCOS
Document Type Specification
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Namespace http://sercos.org/UA/
Version Status Date
Release 2017-04-11