Multi-Org-Cooperation-Agreement - MOCA, Template

OPC 20999 Multi-Org-Cooperation-Agreement - MOCA, Template


This Agreement creates a framework for cooperation between the OPC Foundation and other organizations. It creates a governance model and intellectual property framework that enables different non-profit organizations, and members of these different organizations, to work together to create industry specifications and related materials.

OPC uses DocuSign for the electronic signature of the MOCA.. It is secure, legally binding, and widely accepted for most business transactions around the world..

DocuSign will send an Email to all signees with a link to the document to sign.
Once signed, everybody gets a copy.

Working Group OPC Foundation: Guidelines and Templates
Document Type Template
License Free
Access Level Everyone
Version Status Date
Release 2024-03-19
Topics: Legal clarifications
Release 2020-10-23