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Title: OPC UA for Plastics and Rubber Machinery Description:

Several Companion Specifications describe the communication between plastics and rubber machinery in a production line and between the machines/devices and systems outside of the production cell (e.g. MES or ERP software systems). A first Companion Specification (OPC 40083) includes the definition of commonly used types. Other Companion Specification include descriptions of different machines and devices for the processing of plastics or rubber, relevant process parameters for monitoring and interaction between different devices in the production line/cell, management of jobs and the production datasets. In the scope are core machines like injection moulding machines, extruders, blow moulding machines as well as peripheral devices like handling systems, temperature control systems, material supply.


The following Companion Specifications are currently available:

  • OPC 40083 – General Type definition (basis for all other specifications)
  • OPC 40077 – Date exchange between Injection moulding machines and MES
  • OPC 40082 Part 1 – Peripheral devices – Temperature control devices (further parts for other peripheral devices will follow)
  • OPC 40084 Parts 1-11 – Extrusion – Extrusion lines and their components (further parts for other components of extrusion lines will follow)


Further Companion Specifications for other machine types in the plastics and rubber industry will follow.

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VersionStatusDescriptionDate Posted
1.02ReleaseOPC 40083 – General Type Definitions (PDF/ZIP)2020-04-22 Icon
1.01ReleaseOPC 40077 – Data exchange between injection moulding machines and MES (PDF/ZIP)2020-04-22 Icon
1.01ReleaseOPC 40082-1 – Peripheral devices – Part 1: Temperature control devices (PDF/ZIP)2020-04-22 Icon
1.00ReleaseOPC 40084 – Parts 1-11 – Extrusion lines and their components (PDF/ZIP)2020-04-22 Icon
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