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ePREXION automatically collects process data from a variety of control systems in a plant, accumulates the data as history over an extended period of time, and shares the data via an open server environment throughout the plant. Collected and accumulated by ePREXION, data is available to individuals working at personal computers connected to an office network.

ePREXION comprises basically three components:- Device IO (ePREXION process data collection function)- Server (ePREXION process data management function)- Client (ePREXION process data utilization function)The Device IO interfaces with various process control systems and is configured by the process information manager to collect relevant data.As each item of process data enters the Device IO, the Server time stamps the data and stores it as process history. ePREXION manages the history data and serves it in response to requests from Clients. The Client has middleware that allows users to access history data associated with a particular plant process. Using office application software, the user can manipulate the history data, and add value to the process. Widely distributed networks connecting the Client over an intranet or a public circuit or leased line, with employees working at corporate headquarters,
research facilities and other locations distant from the instrument room.

Standard UA Server, Historical Access

Standard UA Client