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Automated Text Messaging 


SeQent’s FirstPAGE™ (FP) product line consists of a core messaging server capable of supporting thousands of messages per hour to many simultaneously connected messaging carriers. FirstPAGE Gateways provide an interface to collect, monitor and route data from applications, systems, and equipment for publication to messaging devices via FirstPAGE. FirstPAGE Client products allow for manual messaging from desktop and web-based devices enabling any user to take advantage of FirstPAGE’s unified messaging to smartphones, MOTOTRBO Digital Radios, pagers, email, mobile computers, and tablets. 


Key Features

  • Delivers messages to a wide range of personal communication devices
  • Supports a wide variety of protocols
  • Offers a full suite of administration tools, all accessible remotely
  • Distributed architecture supporting unlimited number of providers, destinations, and distribution lists
  • Offers unique alarm escalation hierarchy - see Alarm Manager

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FirstPAGE Gateway for OPC

FirstPAGE Gateway for OPC collects data from one or more OPC DA or OPC HDA compliant servers, allows business rule definition against the collected data and sends messages to FirstPAGE Server for processing. Value information such as name, trigger test and value, and various collected values from OPC data sources are all available for message composition.


FirstPAGE Link for OPC

SeQent’s FirstPAGE Link for OPC sets tag values in one or more OPC Compliant Servers. Text message content, network ID and SNPP user content determines what tag to update and what value to write.