High Performance OPC UA Client Server SDK/Toolkit

Member: Unified Automation GmbH

Product website: www.unified-automation.com/products/server-sdk/hig...

We have analyzed the issues and bottlenecks of today’s OPC UA implementations. We came to the conclusion that only a complete redesign can solve the issues to improve the performance, improve the scalability, and increase the security of OPC UA. This makes OPC UA usable in smallest devices and thus “IoT Ready”, and furthermore guarantees improved performance for high end servers, which must be able to handle thousands of connections in parallel.

With a new software architecture and new implementation from scratch we have achieved all these goals. Of course, the new implementation is still wire-compatible with the original OPC Foundation Stacks.


To get the best portability the SDK only requires a C99 compatible
C compiler. Typically, GCC is used on embedded systems, but the
SDK compiles also with Clang or MS Visual Studio Compilers.
► C99 Compiler
► RAM (min. 30 KB)
► System Clock (ideally synced via NTP or SNTP)
► TCP/IP Stack