MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Server SDK

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The OPC UA Embedded Server SDK from MatrikonOPC is a software development kit that allows you to quickly and easily add an OPC UA Server to your embedded product. Our scalable, standards based SDK can be integrated into every class, from discrete sensors and actuators to programmable controllers and beyond. Add real value to your product by enabling direct point and click configuration, management and monitoring from any OPC UA Client.

This single product is fully configurable and scalable from microcontrollers with 64kB RAM up to high end embedded systems based on ARM9, ARM Cortex-Ax and x86 based processors such as the Intel Atom. The product can be optimized for minimum RAM and FLASH utilization or for large data sets and multiple concurrent client connections.


Embedded UA Server Profile

UA Data Access Server

Embedded UA Server Profile





OPC UA Embedded Server