Matrikon Flex - OPC UA SDK

Matrikon Flex - OPC UA SDK

Member: Matrikon

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Matrikon Flex is a professional, C++-based,  OPC UA software development toolkit (SDK).  Built from the ground up for scalability and high performance - Matrikon Flex can be used for products ranging from embedded applications with limited computing resources to large multi-core PC servers.

Key Matrikon Flex features: 

  • NEW: Now supports OPC UA PubSub over MQTT
  • Is the first OPC UA SDK that supports the WolfMQTT library for commercial strength TLS security (using WolfSSL)
  • C++ based
  • OPC UA stack is built from embedded first principles for reliability
  • Near linear performance increase with each additional core added (eliminates typical 8-core+ performance drop-off).
  • Supports millions of transactions per second
  • Is the only toolkit you need across all product lines
  • No royalties
  • Per-seat licensing
  • Native CODESYS integration (available on CODESYS online store)

and much more...

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Embedded UA Server Profile





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